Mission + Vision

I didn’t go to the moon. I went much further, for time is the longest distance between two places.

the glass menagerie_T.Williams

Growing up as an immigrant and as the child of immigrants, my life has been a tightrope between two deep rooted feelings: longing for belonging to a place and opening my mind for greater fluidity and acceptance. The first time I walked in a space and truly felt like “this must be the place” was when I walked on the stages of New York: a vibrant international multilingual multicultural community telling the story of an excited youth which I was a part of. These people are my people, the people I refer to as “my friends” and encountering them has redeemed my life.  With my friends I share a similar bipolar attitude towards life: on one hand, being a millennial, the profound discomfort of being the children of a socio-economic landscape that doesn’t work for our generation, having testified at a young age the disruptive revolution of the Internet which has put in question a certain corporative way of living whose values we have inherited from our parents; on the other hand, the joyous excitement and ecstatic freedom of forging a new way of living and making business and art, coming from a place of greater inclusiveness and deeper collaboration, acknowledging and honoring our diversities and celebrating a wider range of identities, ultimately disrupting the status quo.

In my life, all of the above comes forward through storytelling, and in particular with theatrical storytelling: fostering narratives of greater freedom and widening the concept of “home”, while meeting face to face with audiences and creating an experience of deeper presence, in contrast with feelings of alienation and isolation caused by the mindless use of virtual presence.

Being a hyphenated artist, I’m deeply interested in non-categorical hybrids, allowing myself and others to embrace all the permutations of ourselves in the hope that our multiplicity will forge a stronger concept around global citizenship. For myself, I love when my European sensibility meets Brooklyn’s experimentalism, my neighborhood of choice for the past 5 years. My artistry revolves around intimate and raw, socially progressive theatre with avant-garde aesthetics.