My presence Out There:

Adriana Rossetto,

from Saronno to the stages of New York. 

 ph: Kat Yen nowhere/now-here

ph: Kat Yen

"Adriana Rossetto moves with great maturity and confidence in the role, showing, other than a natural talent, great professionalism and growth. She also has a great sense of playfulness that makes her delivery of the comedic parts of the show delightful. "


A talent on the run

 ph: Deborah Lopez

ph: Deborah Lopez

"... a successful actress with an international breath..."


nowhere - nowhere

 ph: Andrea Basile

ph: Andrea Basile

"G: Last question: what is, for you, the salt of life? The one thing that makes all the difference?

A: The salt of life is whenever I go to sleep and reflect upon all the people that have crossed my way, all of my friends, all of the people I have shared a moment with… all of those people, I can’t imagine my life without them. And then, also, I look at the future and I can’t imagine how many of those people are still waiting for me just behind the corner, dying to meet me, excited that I’m coming along. And those people too, one day I’ll look back at them and won’t be able to imagine my life without them, but for now they are just shadows. All of that, that’s the salt of life for me."